How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog or website

Writing useful articles can gain you traffic in a number of ways which I will attempt to break down into a logical order:

  1. Search engines find your article and add your article to their searchable index, providing direct search engine traffic to your website.
  2. Other websites find your article useful and informative and decide that linking to your article may be useful to their visitors also. They link to your website which provides direct traffic from their website and also boosts your Google popularity (see Google Page Rank). The boost in your Google popularity has a communulative effect in boosting other pages on your website higher up in the search results, which provides more traffic from all of your other pages combined. Nice right?
  3. Social media. People who like your article might choose to share it with their friends on Facebook, Digg or other form of social media. This can again provide direct traffic from these sources and additional, boost your search engine popularity.

In order to take full advantage of the power of blogging on your website, all you need is blogging software for your website. Good blogging software will preform valuable functions like, for one, making it easy to add new blog posts in an orderly way and it will improve search engine optimization.
There are many options, WordPress & Blogger are by far the most popular, but require a great deal of technical knowledge to really customize well.

Create a Facebook page and keep your users involved.

By sharing your new blog articles on your Facebook page wall, you can effectively notify all of the people who follow your page every time you write a new article. This is a way to engage your users and interest them in more of your products.

Share your article:
Content is inherently valuable on the Internet. Once you have an article written, you can gain even more traffic from it then by search results alone. Let your article saturate the search engines for a couple of weeks and then once it has been indexed, submit your article to an article website like


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